What is Mental Health?


Health is defined as a condition of well-being socially, physically and mentally, none being more or less important than any other. No health system may be successful without respecting the mental health condition.

Mental Health

Mental health is a term which refers to a series of process that contains thoughts and ideas, communication skills, learning, emotional development, self-confidence etc.  that continues from birth to death. If the web of these series has :

  • Balance
  • Compatibility
  • Satisfaction

then the person is considered mentally healthy. Freud thinks there are two factors to consider a person mentally healthy ;

  • To work and to love

A person’s mental health is also affected by his/her genetics and social experiences. It is not easy to diagnose a mental illness as it is to diagnose say, diabetes. Because even if in the same society, culture has a significant effect. This is why psychology has been developed later than traditional medicine.


A mentally unhealthy person carries characteristics such as incompatibility in emotions and behaviors, excessive and inappropriate actions. A healthy person may have these characteristics too but to be considered mentally unhealthy, it needs to be repeated and/or consistent and affect his/her relations, working performance.

  • Having a low financial status and being immigrant
  • Kids and teenagers
  • Traumatized people

have more risk among mental health status.


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