Depression : General Information


What is Depression?

Genetic presdisposition is a known-fact in depression. The ratio of depression in first degree relatives of whom is suffering from depression is relatively high.

Depression may be occured by the deficiency of chemicals such as serotonin in brain. Deficiency of thyroid, adrenal gland may cause depression as well.

Difficult life conditions, a stressful life, circumstances like losing a loved one also triggers depression.

Drug and alcohol addiction, the term after giving birth, medicines containing cortisone also are some factors that may lead to depression. Sessional changes also effect individuals.

The psychological condition of the individual is also important. If the person always thinks negative and pessimistic, he/she will be more likely to get depression.

Symptoms and Complaints

Amnesia, lack of attention, sleeping less or more than usual, decrease or increase on appetite, prostration, exhaustion, losing interest in life, having trouble with decision making, negative thoughts, anxiety, feeling guilty are some symptoms of depression.  You may read it more detailed here : Depression Symptoms

Medical Treatment

Depression treatment is a long-term treatment process. Drugs should be taken regularly. The effect of medicines may take 1 week to show up. It is wrong to stop using by simply thinking “it doesn’t work”. There are a large number of antidepressants. It is psyciatrists job to decide on which medicine is most suitable for a person.

Depression medicine regulate the impaired hormonal balance on brain. They are not addictive. Depending on the type of medicine, there may be side affects. Read the prospectus carefully before using any medicine.

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