Understanding Schizophrenia Personality Disorder in Everyday Life

Schizophrenia personality disorder

The human society has, from long, been affected with problems of the mind where people affected sometimes remain depressed, try to self harming or sometimes get violent and end up harming others. However, earlier such mental states did not have any particular name ascribed to them. Modern science has come to identify most of the mental disorders distinctively and has been looking for ways to deal with them.

Schizophrenia personality disorder is one such mental state where the affected person loses any understanding of relationships, remain withdrawn from the society and their behaviour is often peculiar and weird. They fail to build the conception of trust that any relationship involves. They cannot instil faith in any person or body and often resort to distrusting people.

They form peculiar notions about everything and stubbornly hold on to their beliefs. People with such disorders cannot lead their daily lives by proper judgement and reasoning. You may encounter persons who appear to have dressed very oddly, not at all in keeping with the societal norms. Such persons have no understanding of normal and hence do not appear normal. They may also have delusions and may appear conversing with imaginary figures which are absent.

However, distinctions need to be made between schizophrenia and schizophrenia personality disorder. Both affect the mind but the symptoms of the latter do not stay for prolonged periods where as those of the former can stay for years at a stretch. Also, people affected with the schizophrenia personality disorder can be brought back to face the reality easily by counselling compared to those suffering from schizophrenia.

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