The possible Types of Schizophrenia Diagnosed Commonly

types of schizophrenia

 In modern day medical science schizophrenia is not divided into types but is studied under one broad classification of schizophrenia as a disease affecting mental health. However, earlier schizophrenia was classified into a number of types depending on its symptoms and time or stage of onset of the disease. Types of schizophrenia can be broadly discussed as follows.

The first type would be ‘paranoid schizophrenia’ where the sufferer imagines that his life or that of his loved ones is constantly under threat from a singular person or a group of persons and keeps trying to save himself and gets into distress. The sufferer may also be afflicted with the ‘hebephrenic type of schizophrenia’ where his thought process gets completely disordered and he fails to carry out activities of daily life without being confused. He acts illogically and sometimes does not even have clear and coherent speech. Schizophrenia may also affect one with ‘catatonia’ which results in extreme forms of behaviours.

The sufferer may either get too withdrawn ceasing to even move around or speak to others or he may get excessively aggressive even to the extent of harming himself or others. Symptoms of schizophrenia can also be very rarely seen in children of 10 years and above who can be said to be suffering from ‘childhood schizophrenia’. Such schizophrenia needs immediate treatment and tackling. ‘Schizoaffective disorder’ would be another type of schizophrenia whose symptoms are not only of schizophrenia but also of depression. Along with hallucinating into his imaginative spaces, he will also have mood disorders.

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia symptoms

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