Mental Health Nursing

Nursing practises are changing in compliance with the scientific and technological developments. While nursing used to mean solely giving care to the patient until 50’s, it started to involve more communication. The role of nurses had evolved into a job which requires expertise on specific techniques. Definition of psychiatric nurse began to involve therapist, consultant, teacher, researcher qualities. Some application ground rules had been discussed to specify and clear the level and role of mental health nursing. With the rising civil importance of mental health¬†and the idea of role of environment over the patient, it was clear that hospital environment should be fixed accordingly. With the development of patient rights, patients started to have more control over their treatments. Thus began the period in which the patients got more responsible for their treatment.

Mental Health Nursing

Mental health nursing is described as a process of interpersonal relationship which increases the mental health of a person or a community, prevents pain in mental diseases, helps to cope with it and find a meaning in their life if needed.

Basic philosophy of Mental Health Nursing consists of some elements such as :

  • Every person is valuable, wants to develop and be healthy.
  • Every person h as equal rights which should be protected.
  • Every individual has the potential to change
  • The development and change in one’s life might increase their potential
  • Every person is biopsychosocially whole and a problem in one area might effect others
  • Every action has a reason
  • One has the will and power to cope with their problems.
  • Mental health-care is a vital part of health-care system.

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