Mental Health Disorders that Affect Women

women mental health

Mental disorders which affect the brain, the thought processes and behavioural patterns of individuals affect men and women differently. Some mental disorders affect women more commonly, where as in some cases some symptoms of the same mental disease can be more intense in a woman compared to a man. Women’s mental health can be discussed as follows.

It is the women who undertake the responsibility of seeing into day to day life of the entire family starting from caring about their well being to meeting deadlines when it comes to ensuring they perform well in their fields of activity. Women naturally take more all round responsibility and suffer from anxiety. Predominantly, mental health of women is affected in that they are more prone to depression in various stages of their lives. In adolescence many girls cannot take the change their bodies go through normally in their stride and happen to be excessively conscious and obsessed about their bodies or about how they look.

After marriage a woman has to adjust to a new family, a new setting which sometimes tends to impose e sense of mental pressure on her. When a woman becomes a mother, she may suffer from post-partum depression where she may have feelings of hopelessness that their life will never get back to normal as it was before motherhood. Another stage when depression may set in is post their menopause. Loss of a family member also has increased risk of taking a woman into depression. Besides these, women who are afflicted with domestic violence very often slip into depression and suffer from mental disorders.

What is Mental Health?

Ways in which Mental Health Problems can be Treated Effectively


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