Types of Mental Disorders Affecting Human Beings

mental disorders list

A discussion of the mental disorders’ list will reveal how these affect people in various ways. Such disorders are not new and have been affecting humanity from ages but some have to come to affect more in the wake of the modern-day stressed lifestyle and family structure.

Mental health disorders have been classified based on the symptoms they produce. The patient may be said to have a mental disorder if he is suffering from any of the mood disorders like bipolar disorder, depression or cyclothymic disorder where the sufferer tends to extremes of emotions be it of sadness or happiness and he tends to over react to even normal things. He can also have drastic mood swings or mood fluctuations. If the mental health of your psyche is affected then you are probably suffering from a psychotic disorder like schizophrenia where you face utmost confusion, disordered though and hallucinations.

You may also be suffering from panic or phobia if you have anxiety disorder where you have extreme feelings of fear and panic regarding even very petty things of daily life. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is another type where you feel you are obsessed with a habit or feel compelled to adhere to certain rituals. Personality disorders are another type where one’s behavioural patterns become extremely rigid to the extent affective his daily life and proper thinking. Excessive stress can sometimes also lead to split personality disorders.

What is Mental Health?


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