An Elaboration on the Various Types of Depression

major depression

Mental depression is perhaps the leading cause of mental health problems, all the more because very few even understand what depression is and how it gradually grasps their brain.

There can be several types of depression affecting individuals which can be broadly discussed as follows. The majority cases of patients suffering from depression suffer from major depression. In it, he has symptoms of depression continuously everyday for more than two weeks at a stretch. One can also suffer from a persistent depressive disorder which would be a conglomeration of both dysthymia and the chronic type of major depression where the sufferer has been continuously undergoing symptoms of depression for more than two years at a stretch.

You may also be suffering from ‘manic depression’ which is more knowingly called bipolar disorder. This type of a disorder leads you to suffer from extreme emotions and mood fluctuations. Sometimes you may have excessive energy while on another occasion you may come to feel extremely low and depressed. A type of depression affects only in the winter months when the days are extremely cold and devoid of bright sunlight. Such depression is called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. It is a peculiar type of depression that leaves no remnants once days are again sunny and bright in summer.

Other forms of depression may be those that affect women that happen during puberty called Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), after childbirth called Postpartum Depression.

What is Depression?

Depression Symptoms

What it is like to suffer from Depression as a Mental Disorder

Ways to Comprehend the Details about Chronic Depression

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