What it is like to suffer from Depression as a Mental Disorder

clinical depression

 One of the most common mental disorders is depression which every year affects thousands worldwide, majority of which go unnoticed, unacknowledged and hence, untreated. Clinical depression does not simply mean that a person is unhappy.

A depressed person is definitely unhappy, but along with that he has perpetual feelings of hopelessness and despair that seem to draw the person into a never ending loop of negativity and anxiety. There is no age or a particular defined reason of depression. The greatest complexity related with depression is that it is mostly not acknowledged either by the sufferer or the family members. Most often it goes unnoticed. The process of recovery from depression is very complicated and time taking.

Depression can have various symptoms in its sufferers. Some may remain extremely quiet, withdrawn from a social life where as some may lose any urge to eat, suffer from reduced sexual drive, have problems in concentrating and some may even get to the extent of turning suicidal. Depression is often characterised by problems in sleeping, restlessness; one is not able to enjoy the normal pleasure giving activities of life, may always feel like crying, have feelings that their life has no worth, that their existence is meaningless and may suffer from extreme lack of confidence and self worth.

What is Depression?


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