9 Interesting Facts About Depression


Depression, is one of the most common and most misunderstood illnesses of our age. People suffering from depression usually feel like they’re hopeless and worthless, never going to recover from the situation they’re in, lost control of their life completely.

In fact, depression is much more than “just being sad”. Even though it’s not so complicated to see the symptoms of depression, it may not be as easy to live through such illness and try to recover from it.

Here are 9 tips that will allow us to understand what depressed people go through.

1-    Not Having a Specific Goal

Depressed people are often tend to isolate and be indifferent to World. They act like everything they experience is the same and none of them is in their interest. For example, a depressed person may tell him/herself that he/she wants to be happy but never does anything to achieve it. Normal people are much eager to achieve their goals.

2-    Mental Complexity

One other significant symptom of depression is complexity in mental systems. A depressed person’s mind is full of endless pessimistic ideas and sadly, it’s not possible to send away these ideas with simple inculcations. To be able to cope with endless pessimistic thought, one might use the help of meditation, yoga or a therapy session.

3-    Depression Weakens Memory

One few known symptom of depression is its effect on memory. A recent study shows that depression causes problems in declarative memory, depressed people having trouble remembering names, places and special things in life.

4- Difficulty Remembering  Good Memories

Depressions effect on memory and pessimistic thought prevent people to remember special, good memories. One way to cope with this is to create an imaginary “memory store” and visit it in harder times. After all, it all starts with imagination.

5- Depressive Reality

Studies show that people with depression have a more realistic understanding of life. A research by Moore&Fresco in 2012 had shown that mentally healthy people tend to evaluate themselves more successful than they actually are and they believe that they will achieve more in future. In this aspect, depressed people’s understanding of life is more realistic.

6-  Exactness of Time Sense

A rare pros of depression is the way it effects the persons time sense. Many research shows that depressed people have a sharper and exact time sense than who are not depressed.

Researchers believe that this is caused by the fact that depressed people are isolated from the world and more focused to the time they’re in. They believe this might be the reason that depressed people complain about time never passing.

7- Sport Heals Depression

We know that exercises cause us to feel better in short term. But do they also cure depression in longer terms?

Recent studies show that sports not only make us feel better but prevent from any future mental illness.

8- Having a Lower Pain Threshold

Even tough it may look like, pressing salt in the wounds, studies show that depressed people have lower pain threshold. When a depressed person  gets into negative thoughts or gets sad, they tend to perceive everything as emotional pain.

9- Way of Thinking

We generally think that depression is a result of something painful or a trauma. Even though it is true, this is not the general case. Depression is about the way we react to daily life and stress factors. Having a possitive approach to events may be the biggest weapon against depression.


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