Depression Symptoms

What are the Symptoms of Depression? Am I in Depression?

Even though we are liberal with the word “depressed”, depression is a complex mental illness, affected by psychological, sociological and biological factors that can differentiate from person to person. Depression symptoms may be different for each person but most common characteristics may be listed as :

  • Self-despair, insignificance feelings
  • No control over feelings
  • Lack of desire to daily routines
  • Observable increase or decrease in appetite
  • Getting or losing considerable weight
  • Significant changes in sleep routine
  • Rage and unrest
  • Lack of energy
  • Self-hatred, feeling of guilt
  • Lack of attention and problems in focusing
  • Physical pain with unknown source

Some express their situation as “a feeling of deep emptiness” while others say it’s a condition of isolation, and lacking emotions. While in men, symptoms might usually be anger and tantrums, in women it can be seen as indifference, having no pleasure etc.

Depression and Crying Jag

Even though crying is not one of formal symptoms of depression, many people says they have crying jags when in depression. If you think you cry more than you should, you might check the other symptoms before you think if you are in depression or not.

Symptoms of Depression in Women

  • Increase in appetite and weight gain. Especially carbohydrates oriented eating.
  • Increase in sleep need
  • Feeling of guilt
  • Seasonal depressions

Symptoms of Depression in Men

  • Working longer than usual
  • Getting distant from close friends and family
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Tendency towards physical violence
  • Increase in risky actions

Depression in teens might be seen as rage and hustling. Teens in depression might have gratuitous physical pain.

You can check here the definition of mental health

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  1. I defently agree that when men is depressed they have tendency to physical violance and also they get angry to every single thing.

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