Ways to Comprehend the Details about Chronic Depression

chronic depression

Among many other types of depression, the symptoms of which remain for the longest time period and which are the most severe happen in major depression. People who suffer from chronic depression can also suffer from some of the symptoms of major depression in that the symptoms of this type may also stay persistently for two years or more. However, in chronic depression, also known as dysthymia, the symptoms are less severe and less compared to those in major depression. Given the long periods for which its symptoms stay, chronic depression is also known as persistent depressive disorder.

A person suffering from chronic depression may have bouts of loneliness syndrome where he would want to stay alone and keep to himself. In effect he completely pulls himself out of any social gathering or function, has less or no friends and even stops communicating properly with his family members. He does not find enjoyment or pleasure in any activity, tends to over eat and has a huge increase in weight as a result.

Also, a patient of chronic depression may be found either to be sleeping for hours at a stretch or not sleeping at all out of insomnia. They often remain restless in their daily activities and suffer from feelings of extreme negativity where they tend to think that their lives have got no value and hence should be ended. Chronic depression can thus get fatal. Sufferers may also be excessively fatigued and lose interest in any activity.

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